The Sergeant York Discovery Expedition (SYDE) completed the initial building of The Sergeant York Historic Trail and Memorial park in the Argonne Forest west of Châtel Chéhéry, France. The trail was officially opened on OCT 4th 2008 in conjuction with the 90th anniversary of the action which earned SGT. York the Medal of Honor.

The historic trial is about a two-mile walk through the forest to where SGT York earned the Medal of Honor on 8 October 1918. There are 9 signs along the trail to guide visitors through the battlefield and point out the significant moments during the battle. The trail leads to the York Monument located near the actual spot where York fought off the German bayonet attack. Nearby is a second marker honoring all 17 Soldiers who helped in the actions that day. 

Why Memorialize SGT York?

  • York was a Medal of Honor recipient, a Patriot, a Christian and the most famous American in World War One.

Why a Memorial?

  • To honor the sacrifices and the memory of all who served in France 90 years ago

Why an Historic Trail?

  • To give visitors to the Argonne the opportunity to walk where York and his fellow soldiers walked.
  • To serve as part of the Boy Scouts of America Meuse-Argonne Historic Trail in France.
  • To preserve this important part of American History for future generations. 

Needed improvements:

  • Sign improvements: The wooden frames on information signs on each signpost along the trail need to be replaced due to age and weathering. - 0% Complete 
  • Roadwork: An area of the road-portion of the trail needs a new drainage system installed. 50% COMPLETE 

         (A pipe has been installed however a more substantial drainage system is needed)

  • Reflection benches:  So visitors can sit, rest and reflect on the sacrifice of others. - 50% COMPLETE 

         (One bench is now in place, a second bench is desired in a shaded area of the park)

  • Retaining wall: To encircle the back/upper side of the park area to improve the overall aesthetics and control erosion of the hillside. - Curbstones now circle the park area on a temporary basis.

These Improvements are now complete thanks to the generosity of people like you. - Thank you.

  • Ground cover: Ground cover is needed to help reduce erosion of the park grounds. - COMPLETE
  • Water navigation: The trail passes through a very wet portion of the forest. Improvements are needed to make this area more easily passable. - COMPLETE
  • Direction and information signs for the trail ~ COMPLETE
  • Construction and placement of a memorial stone ~ COMPLETE
  • Dedication ceremony ~ COMPLETE

To Donate:

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and the memory of all those who sacrificed all for freedom, please

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Utilization of funds:

• Improvement of the Sergeant York Historic Trail ~ ON-GOING
• General maintenance of the trail, memorial and signs ~ ON-GOING

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Discovering History Through Research

The Sergeant York Discovery Expedition

Alvin Cullum York (Left) ~ For his actions in the Argonne Forest France 1918 was awarded:
The Distinguished Service Cross-USA, The Croix de Guerre and Legion of Honor-France, The Croce di Guerra-Italy, and The War Medal-Montenegro.  

After a thorough investigation of the events on 8 OCT 1918, the Distinguished Service Cross was upgraded to the Medal of Honor and presented to York by the commanding general of the American Expeditionary Force, John J. Pershing. 

Honoring York by building The Sergeant York Historic Trail

Discovering History Through Research