Insignia from a German uniform found within 10 meters of the York. 45 caliber shell casings.
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Norwich University names Alvin York Biographer winner of the 2015 William E. Colby Award. 
This new work on Alvin C. York written by COL. Douglas Mastriano, is available now.
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SGT York Historic Trail and Memorial 
SYDE founders Doug Mastriano and Kory O'Keefe celebrate at the beginning of the York Trail 

Stars and Stripes 26 MAY 2008 
"...pinpointed SGT. York's stand" 

Web News 24 MAR 2007 story of York

TV NEWS Story 03 NOV 2006 
SYDE finds the "York Spot".

Press Release 26 OCT 2006
International Herald Tribune


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US Army News NEW!
Artifacts go to Washington D.C.

American Forces Europe 
TV Broadcast on SGT York

Article on Army news website
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French Regional Newspaper
Article in French

Builder of the York monument
Company website with story of the stone. 

Welcome to The Sergeant York Discovery Expedition (SYDE) website. 

Here you will discover where and how the exact spot where Alvin C. York earned the Medal of Honor was located. Browse our picture galleries to see the artifacts from the York Spot.

Doug Mastriano and Kory O'Keefe stand behind the York Monument. The Segreant York Discovery Expedition is still working to improve the SGT. York Historic Trail. 
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The Artifacts:

The Sergeant York Discovery Expedition

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Several .45 caliber shell casings

found at the "York Spot".
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